Open Books - an idea shared Mary Husted

Open Books is a creative collaboration between Visual artists, started by Mary Husted in Wales in 2011, enabling cultural exchange opportunities, exhibitions, talks, seminars, workshops in China, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, India and USA from 2012 - 2018.
The Chinese Folding Book is central to Open Books. By using the same format artists from differ-ent traditions have found common ground in a global, geographically shrinking world. The books can be read in Western Codex form, or in the traditional Chinese way or as sculptural objects - they offer scope for innovative practice.
In each new country we invite a new group of artists to join us and, occasionally, we add some art-ists from Wales. As an exhibition that can expand and shrink to fit its venues, it continually grows and changes. Like the books themselves, the exhibition unfolds and expands. It has become a cross-cultural exchange where we hope ideas will be shared between artists, lovers of art, and the wider public.
Our Chinese colleagues now have the sponsorship and support of their local Zhejiang culture bu-reau for their part in this project. Open Books has also received substantial support from Wales Arts International'

Open Books exhibitions becomes a loci for a number of events - diplomatic, performative, educational

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Open Books is not an enterprise. It is a vision. In our cultural exchanges internationally we wish to share our interpretations, our ideas and our skills as artists, and receive those of our fellow artists working in other countries. And then to discuss them. We see this as something of value in itself.

Open Books is a Welsh artist-led initiative, which brings together visual artists from Wales with other visual artists from different parts of the world. This is a not for profit project.

Open Books is not only a collaborative travelling exhibition, but also a meeting of individuals artists with opportunities for exchange of ideas, techniques and experience. From each country we add a few new artists, and new curators become involved. It is through the connections of artists within the group that the further venues are found. It is very much a collaborative effort. Each artist in the project completes a Chinese folding book, these are exhibited together in a variety of venues, large and small. A dialogue is created.

Open Books grows and changes as it travels and brings together an ever-widening circle of practitioners. With the help of Open Books artist, Frank Vigneron, Professor of Fine Art in the Chinese University of Hong, we created links with the Sanshang Museum of Contemporary Art in Hangzhou in 2013. Since then a group of Chinese artists have been central to Open Books, and the Sanshang Museum is now a partner in the project, working with us to find new venues and curate the exhibitions. Their participation in the project is now supported by the National Art Fund of China

Venues include:
National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth
Bay Art, Cardiff
University of Western England, Bristol
Sanshang Museum of Contemporary Art, Hangzhou, China
The Logan Regional Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
UNSW University of New South Wales - Academy Canberra Library (ADFA)
Art Museum of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Libraries and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Canada
Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff
Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademi, Jaipur, India
Ravindra Manch, Art Gallery, Jaipur, India
Charles E. Shain Library, Connecticut College, New London USA